Broselow™ Paediatric Resuscitation System

Due to the sale of the Broselow system to a multinational company recently, sales of these items have been taken away from us and other dedicated distributor's in Australia. 

The new Supplier in Australia went back on deals and promises to work with to continue supply to our customers past, present or new. apologises to all it customers and is sad to say, can no longer supply this or any part of the Broselow system.

Deals with the new supplies to transfer client list and their requirements have fallen through and will no longer take any further responsibility for any issues and or warranties of the system as in whole or part.

*Bagmask Resuscitators, Belts & accessories, Broselow,Laryngoscopes, Medical Carry packs & Softpacks, Capnograph/Pulse Oximeter, Police & Security Equipment, Resuscitator Kits , Diagnostics Equipment, Spine Boards